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A former
NASA advisor has shockingly claimed that Mars was the home of ancient alien civilisation until they were all wiped out with
a devastating nuclear war.

conspiracy theorist and a former NASA consultant Richard C Hoagland said that
extra-terrestrials once existed on Mars and other planets in the solar system.
He argued his claim could be proven with
ample of photographic evidence from Viking missions of NASA. He explained that
NASA photos from the Cydonia region of Mars show pyramids, ancient habitats, and organised
structures. He stressed the destructive power of nuclear warfare cut short the
thriving alien civilisation in the Red

conspiracist said the Viking lander discovered evidence of anomalous isotopes,
which are known as Xenon 129. He pointed out that these isotopes strongly point
towards nuclear detonations on the surface of the planet.

Mr Hoagland,
together with plasma physicist John Brandenburg and a team of investigators,
explored the possibility of Mars’ ancient alien civilisation.
They came out with the idea that a global Martian nuclear war destroyed the civilisations they have been looking.

The theory
comes from large concatenations of
radioactive Xenon 129 on the Red Planet.

radioactive isotope is usually found on
Earth around the fallout from nuclear explosions and near nuclear fission reactors.

Mr Hoagland
strongly believes that the entire solar system was
colonised at one point and the evidence is out there to collect.

the likes of NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) suppressed the information from the last 50 years of space
exploration, according to researchers like Mr

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